Refurbishment of the existing First Direct Headquarters, Leeds

Relocation of around 2500 staff over 14 phases (Average 2 weeks per phase) with minimal decant opportunities. Close working relationship formed with the First Direct team and the project team to ensure smooth delivery and transition between phases.

Installation of a brand immersion zone which will be a focus point of the whole building

Refurbishment of all WC’s within the office environment

Re-branding of all graphics within the open plan office, working closing with the First Direct brand consultant.


“Over the course of our working relationship you have invested time and effort in getting to know First Direct’s unique and
distinctive brand.”

Matthew J Farrar Planning and Support Manager to Karen Walker and Customer Services, First Direct

Axis are an integral part of the project team and work well together with a variety of companies and personalities in order to deliver a common goal.

Claire Blanthorn Moves and Changes Manager (JLL)

Outstanding levels of personal accountability, your ability to tailor plans to suit the needs of an evolving business have been one of the defining factors for success

Matthew J Farrar Planning and Support Manager

"...exceptional stakeholder management and interpersonal skills..."

Matthew J Farrar Planning and Support Manager