This total refurbishment marks HSBC’s commitment to Edinburgh and a revitalisation of their design standards in the UK & beyond.

Customer direction is changing in banking and this has only been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking onboard HSBC’s latest design intent and customer requirements this project is the first site of this style to open to the public, globally.

As focus moves from traditional banking so has the focus in service delivery to customers. New ways of working for staff enabled with advanced, mobile, and agile technology mean that the requirements of the high street bank must evolve. To that end the branch design must evolve alongside the technology.

Together, technology and branch design will provide customers with the service they expect.

Representing the biggest shift in branch design for HSBC since 2004, Edinburgh brings together all the elements of a modern banking hall.

The newest feature included, the “explore and discover zone”, to help educate customers on the digital proposition, improve their awareness of digital security, and provide routine account services in an accessible format. The area can be used outside of usual hours for seminars and digital learning for customers & colleagues. Giving the community a new learning resource.

Other innovations include some design direction taken from the pandemic; with fixed positions with added high diving screens to allow effective social distancing within an enclosed area.

More traditional services are included, with state-of-art digital banking from the suite of automated equipment including instant crediting note paying in machines as well as post-processing cheque and coin handling, and a traditional counter service. Whilst traditional, the design of all the elements has been overhauled to bring them inline with the most modern features.

Around the refurbished site a number of new design features are included, which were all designed from concept to delivery with the bank’s Global Design Team as well as delivery partners. Naturally, AXIS took the leading role in turning concept into reality.

Beyond the banking services, this design takes HSBC UK’s partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer Scotland further by incorporating features to make the design more friendly to those with dementia.