HSBC ‘s new Global IT Hub occupies 140,000sqft of workspace spanning parts of all 7 floors of Grosvenor House and represents the first occupation of the Heart of the City 2 regeneration of Sheffield City Centre.

Our design blurs the lines between the external and internal spaces by the use of natural materials, green walls, organic forms and murmurations of birds which soften the reception space and takes the occupant on a journey of exploration throughout the building.

The Atrium links each office floor physically through the installation of a feature staircase, but also socially through the provision of the collaboration spaces woven into its flights, and the auditorium nestled beneath it. This lively area, also incorporating a café bar and IT hub, is designed to encourage meeting, communication and celebration. Our design cues are taken from the local landscape, artists, history, charities and communities.

In recognising the users’ needs, both in the practicalities of technology and quality of space, we carefully designed a range of areas for focussed work, private conversation, training, collaboration, presentation, refuelling and relaxation.

The floorplates are flexible, with sit-stand desks, modular furniture and seats which encourage spinal mobility fulfilling both the need for space efficiency, inclusivity and workplace wellbeing. Each floor is recognisable by a local theme, aided with wayfinding and giving the opportunity for some truly unique moments within the building.

The building design has been enriched by the city’s heritage, creativity and pride and has a unique identity within the global HSBC portfolio whilst providing a space which supports the future of the bank.